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PostSubject: CONPLAN/RRC   CONPLAN/RRC I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 22, 2010 1:36 pm


Secret 'Trigger' & blueprint for emergency domestic military crackdown plan revealed
Submitted by TCIMC on Fri, 11/19/2010 - 15:31
National Level Exercise 2011 docs found on Army Corps fileserver prove upgrade for Secret 'Civil Disturbance Operations CONPLAN 3502' the Master Pentagon Blueprint for RNC/G20 Lockdowns, Policing Disasters & More

By Dan Feidt for Twin Cities Indymedia — Digital presentations posted on an Army Corps of Engineers server, about military operations in a giant FEMA-simulated earthquake drill called National Level Exercise 2011, inadvertently reveal crucial new info about another 'Secret' Pentagon plan, Northcom CONPLAN 3502, including the “trigger” for domestic military 'Civil Disturbance Operations.' CONPLAN 3502 and CONPLAN 3501, 'Defense Support of Civil Authorities,' are the two main military plans used to design the Pentagon's 'footprint' at National Special Security Events like the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Exactly as the Pennsylvania National Guard took over the G20 protester jail operation, other docs show 'Secret' CONPLAN 3502 specifically plans for military-operated detention and search operations within our country. In context, the new material is the most troubling I have ever discovered, and proves anew that underneath Constitutional limited government, a more brutal martial framework is secretly, constantly, extending its reach. DHS/FEMA doesn't like it at all when NLEs get publicized so check it out right away. Full URLs below.

New Video explanation! Below the fold: CONPLAN 3502 & Garden Plot - 40 years of domestic military plans in context - G20 Pennsylvania Military Operations - Real structure of National Special Security Events - CONPLAN 3501 Designs Gulf Oil Spill Response & Media Spin -

The Big Break: FEMA NLE Regional Readiness Workshop files (indexed on Google)

The NLE2011 presentations & material show a domestic military command system that's accelerated quite a bit since the 1960s. The new documents are in these directories & URLS - all from a planning meeting in March called the Regional Readiness Workshop (RRW).

Google "USARNORTH CONPLAN 3501" and it should take you directly to http://www.google.com/search?rls=en&...h+conplan+3501

...This is the key presentation! https://eportal.usace.army.mil/sites...NMSZ%20RRW.ppt

You have to 'accept security certificate' i.e. bad encryption, for your browser to connect to it. [I think this is one reason no one has noticed!] The rest of the files can be located at URLS like

https://eportal.usace.army.mil/sites...ment%20Library - The whole filestash for the New Madrid Seismic Zone National Level Exercise 2011 Regional Readiness Workshop. This has the index for the other RRW presentations. (All interesting)

The notes in here portray a FEMA & emergency management system in confusion, overall an alarming state of earthquake preparation for a New Madrid Seismic Zone event. The 11th presentation, from US Army North, was apparently never given due to time constraint (See 'After Action Report'). Don't miss the presentation which maps out which fiber optic cables that would snap in a New Madrid epic heartland earthquake!

Presentation #11 is about CONPLAN 3501, the sunny-faced all-sized military program working between FEMA and NORTHCOM to set up joint commands. It's the same plan as the Gulfwater Horizon Joint Command (more below). They put out a happy 400-page DSCA handbook recently to lay out the nice Joint Task Force / Northcom disaster civil support logistics stuff. No riot control gear suggested in 3501. No checkpoints, etc.

But seemingly accidentally, an entirely different intro notes annotation or text was left in the Army's title slide.

Chilling stuff / details below: the notes show incremental updates to the ultimate “bad cop” Northcom mega-plan, CONPLAN 3502, with the apparent approval of US 5th Army Chief of Staff Richard Francey. CONPLAN3502 is the replacement for the post 1960s Army lockdown plan, GARDEN PLOT. So this note gives us a new totally concrete view of the Army's recent 'Changelog' of the same damn plan that's been there all along – yeah, it includes military detention centers for US citizens, other official material proves.

The rest of the URLS worth checking out, besides the RRW folder:

Reference materials here:

https://eportal.usace.army.mil/sites...ectives. aspx

1994 version of domestic ops (dod 3025.1) manual here, not seen elsewhere?


Calendar has training events etc :

https://eportal.usace.army.mil/sites... 2F18%252F2010

Some files are like this - in segments, you can get them together with a ZIP app


Check into these folders - they have FEMA reportbacks - the Senior Leadership Seminar 2010:


Local emergency managers freakin out over giga-planfail. For Public Safety concerns this is just grim :


I think that covers all the interesting folders.

To understand where CONPLAN 3502 & the new info fits, we have to briefly go back to its roots, back to Kent State and the riots of the 1960s - now these plans are core to the domestic military system's new generation.

Quick History - From GARDEN PLOT & Kent State to (S)ecret 3502, NORTHCOM & More

The US Northern Command, NORTHCOM, near Colorado Springs & the post-Cold War NORAD command center, was set up in 2002 as a Department of Defense counterpart to the Department of Homeland Security. NORTHCOM is a global 'combatant command' with responsibility for all of North America, like CENTCOM handles the Middle East, EUCOM Europe, AFRICOM Africa, etc. (By the way, PACOM, the Pacific Command, has 'CONPLAN 7502' setup for Asian Civil Disturbance Operations - i.e. almost certainly ready-to-go on US bases during the Seoul G20).

CONPLANs are Concept of Operations Plans, basically abstract templates, around 200 to 300 pages long in some cases, which can be turned into OPLANs, specific local operations plans. Other operations like exercises (exercise orders or EXORDs) can be generated from CONPLANs as well. CONPLANs are numbered in sets for each combatant command - NORTHCOM got the 2500s and 3500s, PACOM the 7500s etc.

Before NORTHCOM, the US military labeled its plans differently. The urban riots of the 1960s prompted the blue-ribbon Kerner Commission to recommend a more coherent approach for the military to intervene in domestic emergencies. So the Pentagon secretly drafted and deployed 'GARDEN PLOT,' also known as Plan 55-2.

Four versions of GARDEN PLOT have been released recently via FOIA. (More @ globalsecurity.org) At the US Social Forum this summer, an activist attorney who's been dealing with west coast military ops said to me that they thought GARDEN PLOT was 'just a conspiracy theory' all those years, but of course it turned out to be very real.

GARDEN PLOT laid out the National Guard plan at the Watts Riots, the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the LA Riots and Kent State. Just like 3502, it kept getting revised after every 'lab test' on Americans. It's really the main foundation, and in the 1980s infamous Oliver North-related tests like REX84 and in California, Louis Guifrida's CABLE SPLICER were essentially GARDEN PLOT type exercises, with Pentagon & FEMA-based communications & control.

An early-1990s domestic operations manual was also on USACE server, so it shows the pre-NORTHCOM/DHS way the Pentagon & FEMA were connected.

Once tiny authorities & connections have grown into bureaucracies with thousands of operatives & staff. GARDEN PLOT was last modified in 1996, and in 2002 it was replaced with CONPLAN3502. That's the main idea-what's new here is the latest revision info & the “trigger”.

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