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 AFIO Association of Former Intelligence Officers

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PostSubject: AFIO Association of Former Intelligence Officers   AFIO Association of Former Intelligence Officers I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 1:19 pm

AFIO [Association of Former Intelligence Officers]
December 28, 2010
by S. Eugene Poteat [President of AFIO

The fundamental principles of intelligence, as they are for war, have been understood since the beginning of time. The ancient Chinese warrior Sun Tzu taught his army to “know your enemy” before going into battle. For if you “know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” But…“If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”

Intelligence and military officers know this, and it is common sense. But something has changed. When the enemy, in this modern era, cleverly uses the cloak of religion, we are reluctant to name the threat, and we are urged not to judge, nor recognize, or name, the followers of that religion as terrorists, or silent co-conspirators. But it is precisely their silence—and our denial of who they really are—that worries me.

Not until the 9/11 attacks did America wake up to the fact that we were in a war. We had ignored scores of earlier Muslim terrorist attacks against Americans, and others outside the U.S. Yet even earlier, a subtle, more insidious challenge from Islamic radicals began to take root. In 1976, President Carter made a series of ludicrous responses to violent Muslim extremists who besieged our embassy in Tehran; a situation that held the staff hostage for 444 days. It made Carter a virtual media hostage to the situation, as well. The event was misidentified as an uprising of “Iranian terrorists.” The missing word: “Muslim.” When gifts of birthday cakes and a Christian bible didn’t work [a clear example of not understanding the enemy], Carter then implemented a poorly planned, disastrous, and globally embarrassing rescue attempt—an operation with no chance of success.

Emboldened, more Muslim terrorism followed. When Pan Am 103 was shot down, when our embassies in Africa were fire-bombed, when the Navy ship USS Cole was attacked, followed by the attacks of 9/11, and then the London transit system bombings, and the Spanish train bombings—the sleeping American giant took brief notice, and refused to preciselyname that one, obvious, and unifying characteristic of all these terrorists and their acts: all were Muslimsproudly commiting violent acts in the name of Islam.

This avoidance of identifying the driving forces common to all these terrorists, created a vacuum of truth, quickly filled by Muslim lies that 9/11 was manufactured by America and the Mossad, that the other Muslim acts of terror were fake, or misrepresented, and that any blame is nothing less than blatant acts to defame their “religion of peace”: Islam. America’s unwillingness to counter these fictions, has left a surprising number of our own citizens believing this rubbish.

Our tepid response is clear to Islam; America is weak, reeling, broke… a shadow of the nation it once was. America is so frightened, we dare not speak the name of the enemy coiling around our necks. Instead we dance around with the terms “criminal,” “extremist,” “suicide bomber,” “terrorist,” “Chechen,” “Freedom Fighter,” “Wahabbist,” etc. but never “Muslim” nor “Islam.” In fact, those who dare mention “Muslim terrorists” are publicly castigated; some are fired. National Public Radio’s Senior Reporter Juan Williams was one of the truth-tellers who spoke out, and paid with his job. So powerful is this p.c. self-denial lobby, it is forbidden to speak or write stories identifying the terrorists among us. It’s worse. Even the head of NASA has supposedly been urged “to make Muslims feel good about their contributions to science and technology.” Ancient contributions, if any. Since then, Muslims have stifled achievement and excellence in all fields other than religious fanaticism.

Islam has its own “constitution,” the Koran, inconsistently interpreted by a variety of Imams. It is a system of laws and beliefs, that—according to Muslims—overrides the laws of all Nations. The Koran dictates all aspects of adherents’ lives, their religion, politics, jurisprudence, military affairs, economics, culture, domestic relations, and freedoms. As Muslim immigrants arrive, the majority show scant interest in assimilating, they kill children who become “too Westernized,” beat their wives and daughters (as approved under barbaric Shari’ah laws), and are more under the influence of Imams than any legal authority of the host country. This is true in Europe as it is in the U.S. Many of those we are assured are “moderate Muslims,” are not. They are “silent Muslims,” but not moderate. Some of them fear the violent nature of their religion, and the rest are just biding time until Muslim demographics make them the dominant force in the country—which then becomes ‘their’ country.

America is following along with this plan, blindfolded. An animal being led to slaughter. We are fast to concede, surrender and appease them; afraid to mention in public what so many of us still think after witnessing Muslim wolf packs kill 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11, after the Muslim Richard Reeves’ airplane shoe bomber incident, after the Muslim “doctor’s plot” which sought simultaneous detonations on airplanes heading to America, and in other Muslim murderous acts before, and after, 9/11. Including the recent laser cartridge bomb plot by…you guessed it:
Muslims. Yet we are told by our government that it is prejudicial to name or identify ‘Muslims’ as the terrorists for fear of offending them. Even as these terrorists claim the acts are done “in the name of Islam” and then hide behind the skirts of that religion, while their public relations lackeys demand the FBI no longer be allowed in mosques here in the U.S. Why? What does the “religion of peace” have to hide?

Even if it is a small faction of extremists, as some claim—it is akin to what was another small group of ‘extremists’— the Nazis; or that small group of fanatics in Somalia, or in Rwanda—whose ideology was tolerated, until it swept through that ‘silent majority of so-called moderates’ causing the genocide of millions.

Hateful ideas espousing violence against “non-believers,” “infidels,” “dhimmi,” and demanding “jihad” are viral methods that start small, infect those silent, putatively “moderate” followers, and mushroom. If we’ve learned nothing from history, refusal to take seriously adherence–open or covert–to twisted political or religious ideologies, is dangerous. Muslim ideology indoctrinates and brainwashes youngsters into a culture of hate, sends followers out on missions of violence to convert or kill infidels, and urges jihad. They celebrate suicide bombers, terrorism, and IEDs. What other “religion of peace” shares such values? Muslims do not seek assimilation nor acceptance; they want domination. Look at their non-assimilation in France. In the Netherlands. In Germany or Sweden. Muslims turn areas into dangerous “no-go” zones; areas so violent and anti-Western that local police do not enter. These Muslim-only zones permit the diseased spore of Islamic hate to be nurtured, fed, and ignited, bursting out to destroy the host. They are doing it in “Dearbornistan” and other U.S. cities. And yet, calling them “Muslim” terrorists is forbidden. Why the linguistic blindfold? What is it we fear?

America was once a plain-speaking, powerful empire. The Soviet Union imploded when finally confronted by an honest President Reagan who didn’t mince words or conceal his meanings or intentions when toe-to-toe with the Soviets. History has shown the respect that engendered. Yet even Reagan failed to recognize the greater threat of Muslims—unbounded by geography and borders. Reagan did not respond to a Muslim suicide attack in Beirut that killed a hundred marines in their barracks. Instead, it was portrayed as a lone “terrorist act.” The missing word: “Muslim.”

These are dots not to be left unconnected any longer. These are fanatics we must no longer accommodate. Appeasement, the approach taken by the Administration, comes with all the obsequious f lourishes of the vanquished. Painful to watch. And Muslims enjoy seeing Obama’s overtures. A sign that even the U.S. now kowtows to them, cowers in fear, and avoids identifying them, making it easier for Islam to further metastasize here and abroad. Follow news accounts and tell me it isn’t rare for the press to identify, from the start, the religion or obvious ethnicity of terrorists. Informed listeners know it is the unassimilated, Muslim ethnic fanatics around us. When home-grown Muslim terrorists hit the news, they are deliberately mislabeled—to garner sympathy—as “U.S. citizens arrested for terrorist plot,” when it is “Muslim” terrorists, with scant ties to the U.S., hiding with deceitfully-obtained U.S.-citizenships, here to study our vulnerabilities and prepare terrorist plots against all tolerant, naive countries.

The President, when not genuflecting to Saudis [who fund most of the mosques…all the better to export the problem], is apologizing for America, blaming us for not capitulating or appeasing these followers of the violent religion of Islam.

Our intelligence professionals know the enemy, and how they think and operate, but these officers and our military serve with their hands tied. They count on that once honest, plain-speaking American public. It is up to us to return to that truthfulness in frankly identifying, naming, and characterizing these Muslim terrorists—as well as their hidden financial backers, and those silently abetting them—seeking to destroy this country and our allies.



The root word for Islam is “al-Silm,” which means “submission” or “surrender.” There is no controversy about this among Islamic scholars.

Submission and peace can be very different concepts, even if a form of peace is often brought about through FORCING others into submission.

In truth, the Qur’an not only calls Muslims to SUBMMIT to Allah, it also commands them to SUBDUE people of other religions until they are in a full state of submission to Islamic rule. This has inspired the aggressive history of Islam and its success in conquering other cultures. What started as a small band of religious zealots, robbing and murdering, has become a massive force of religious zealots. Submit or die. These are your only two choices. Hundreds of missionaries, and their familes are slaughtered every year around the world, by Muslims. To a lessor degree, South American tribesmen. But mostly Muslims. They have converted by the sword throughout Eastern Europe, and Africa. They have begun to influence Western Europe. Spain is almost completely fallen to Islam. They have one goal. That is a global theocracy for Allah.


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AFIO Association of Former Intelligence Officers
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