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 TEA Party Members Voice Demands For Change

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PostSubject: TEA Party Members Voice Demands For Change   Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:51 am

A TEA party was held Saturday with a full house of taxpayers in attendance who want to see a change to the way the political parties are running the state - frustrated with both major political parties.

Emphasizing bi-partisanship, a few hundred people listened to state Sen. Catharine Young support the passion they feel for making a difference.

"I feel people have been asleep," she said. "We have the power through grass roots to change things."

Sen. Young said she feels that she was elected to represent the people, and that the best part of her job is being out with the people and finding out what is important to them.

She said that the large majority of control in the state Senate right now is held by representatives of New York City.

"I believe that is what is responsible for much of what's going on in the senate and the spending we've been seeing in the state," Sen. Young said. "New York City has an iron grip over the entire state."

She shared an encounter with two senators from the Bronx who had no idea where Western New York was. They thought it was near Binghamton or Corning. When she explained where it was, she said they looked puzzled and said, "There's more to New York state after Corning?"

"That's the level of caring and understanding you get from New York City," she said.

Sen. Young said she has been trying to fight against what's been happening with the recent budget proposal.

"Last year's budget was a disaster," she said.

Sen. Young stressed the importance of education and jobs, so the state's children don't grow up and leave. She said that there is a $3 billion to $4 billion state deficit this year and the governor is raising taxes and fees by $8.5 billion.

"It costs $2,400 extra for each family," she said.

Sen. Young said that people are struggling and out of work, and in most cases aren't getting any raises. Residents can't afford an additional tax burden put on them by Albany.

More than 352,000 jobs were lost in New York state last year, she said, due to taxes and fees being piled onto taxpayers.

Sen. Young said that the budget passed by one vote and it was done alone in a room with three men from New York City.

"I believe the people have the right to know what their government is doing," she said.

Several people in attendance were upset that state officials are getting away with something that is against the law and one man asked Sen. Young if she would support a movement of people refusing to pay their property and income taxes as well as suing the school system for a refund for taxes that were out of line.

"I would not be a responsible person if I encouraged you to break the law, " Sen. Young said.

She reminded the attendees that every congressional and assembly seat as well as other governmental officials' positions are up for election this year and change can be made by voting. She also said that calling, e-mailing and writing your representatives does bring about a positive change - that they listen to what the taxpayers have to say.

One woman stood to say that the group touts being bi-partisan but was bashing the president and health care reform. She herself wanted to know what Sen. Young thought would bring about health care reform. To this, the lady received a room full of booing. There was one gentleman in the crowd that stood to her defense and asked the congregation of people, "When did we become Republicans and Democrats and stop being human beings?"

Sen. Young summarized the problems as not being a Republican or Democrat divide, but more an upstate-downstate divide. She explained that people in Manhattan and on Wall Street don't see the tax increases the way those here do - they don't consider leaving the state because of it, but she asked people in the room how many people they've heard say they were leaving New York, to which most raised their hands and vocalized agreement.

She also shared that their views differ from those downstate. When trying to get Penny's Law enacted, New York City senators told her they felt rapists and sex offenders should just get some outpatient therapy.

"That's not part of their reality, "she said.

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Posts : 375
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PostSubject: Re: TEA Party Members Voice Demands For Change   Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:01 am

DON'T TREAD ON ME! ....Hey Who Took My Duct Tape
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TEA Party Members Voice Demands For Change
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