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 Health Care Vote

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PostSubject: Health Care Vote   Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:31 am

errr ...well guess there isent a vote but they will be passing it on sunday 4-21-02. Wave bye bye to your constitutional rights ...this is just the beginning.




DON'T TREAD ON ME! ....Hey Who Took My Duct Tape

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PostSubject: Health Care Bill Gateway to much more   Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:16 pm


Heres a few things that I've found or been pointed to that you should be aware of.

Page 322, Lines 14 to 24 (look at line 21)
Yes this clause means that If you are penalized for not buying health insurance be it jail time or fine. YOUR WIFE OR HUSBAND WILL GO TO JAIL TOO!. Also if your children are of working age they can also be penalized as a regular adult but the penalties are reduced by half. Moreso - If you claim your children on your taxes and they are being penalized YOU and your spouse will be jailed/fined as well.

So much for individual rights and protections.

Ok so 35 states plan not to have laws to opt out thier citezens right? well pelosi has thought about that too.
Page 362, Section 1555. Lines 16 to 24 and page 363, lines 1 and 2. FREEDOM NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN FEDERAL HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAMS
This Bill is mandating along with Federal funds to the STATES to cover their people and to regulate the Health Insurance Companies as the Federal Government wants it to be done. The STATE will cover you, the IRS (not a true Federal Agency) will enforce the State Coverage, but you're free to exempt yourself from FEDERAL coverage. You're not exempt from the State Ordered Mandate through the increased Medicaid Program. So you can opt out of a Federal program created by this law, but not the State Programs, or they would have been included in the text.
THis means that if you or your state opts you out of the federal plan, you will still be covered and mandated to be covered under medicaid BY THE STATE.
AND you will have to pay the tax for being in the medicare plan to the IRS. Now at the end of the year you will file a tax return and recieve %97 of that medicare tax money back HOWEVER, this means that you will HAVE TO FILE INCOME TAXES NO MATTER WHAT! even if your income is ZERO. Failure to do so will result in federal penalties as described above.
Look closely and see that if you have no income to pay this tax you'll be in jail long before you would file a tax return to get %97 of the money you would have paid back anyways.

Page 561, Lines 1 through 4 This is really disturbing.
Created a new federal office called the Maternal and Child Health Services SEC. 2951. MATERNAL, INFANT, AND EARLY CHILDHOOD HOME VISITING PROGRAMS

This gives the federal government the authority to monitor your childrens health and welfare from the moment your wife becomes pregnant till they are old enough to work. the reasons given that the government may investigate you that are given are so braod that almost any scenario could be used. AND the gov agents can show up and demand entry to your house WITHOUT a warrant, notice, or even a phone call.


I all so saw on c-span this morning the IRS will over see compliance with Healthcare mandates and have a 16,000 strong Health Police force to enforce it ...no joke ...

DON'T TREAD ON ME! ....Hey Who Took My Duct Tape
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PostSubject: Re: Health Care Vote   Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:50 pm


Reading further into the Family services section you will see that unemployent is a cause for them to "investigate the welfare of your children along with the standard stuff like dom violence etc.

Also if the fed office desn't feel the state has "visited" you enough they can step in and do so.
Also they can step in if you are recieving services (like food stamps, welfare, HEALTH CARE etc)

Ok just read this
Page 574 through 575 section 4
These are the immediatly identified families that will be "eligible" for home visits. On page 575 after reading the standard ones like drug addicts, child abusers, etc, you will find MILITARY AND FORMER MILITARY FAMILIES!!!!!

that's right if you are in the military or served in combat in the military this bill reguards you in the same light as a child molester/abuser or drug addict, and you are instantly listed as "eligible" for them to invade your home and your privacy.

DON'T TREAD ON ME! ....Hey Who Took My Duct Tape
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PostSubject: Obama   Sun Mar 21, 2010 9:45 am

Consider these points from the man who wants to establish a health care system that is certain to result in rationing and therefore will determine, obliquely, who will live and who will die:

His health care system will give government direct withdrawal access to every personal bank account in the United States. This from a man who continues to fight lawsuits in court demanding his citizenship records. Here are a few of the public record facts on Obama’s citizenship issue:

This isn’t just conspiracy, black-helicopter stuff, Obama himself feeds this suspicion like crazy: Don’t forget, more than 30 people have tried to sue Obama for his citizenship records, and he has FOUGHT THEM, instead of turning the records over as every other president has done!

A year and a half ago the Democrats demanded that McCain and Tom Delay to turn over their same records. THEY DID, and did so without fuss or bother.

Both situations are public record. Compare the difference!!!

"Birthers?" I don't think so. Once again, his lawyer's responses are public record. They do NOT say, "Here, let's put this to rest, here are the records." They say, "No, under no circumstances may you see them." This is insane. Common sense and life experience tell us immediately and without question that something is VERY wrong: responsible leaders with nothing to hide simply don't behave this way. It isn't rocket science.

For those who think this is a “fringe issue”, answer these questions..

1. Obama has fought over 30 lawsuits for his long form birth records, college records and the like. True or false? Back up you answer with fact.(The answer is he has)

2. His mother renounced American citizenship when she expatriated herself and Barack to Indonesia, thus losing "natural born" citizenship status forever, because once natural born status has been revoked, it can never be reinstated. True or false, back up your answer with fact. (The answer is yes, she did)

3. The democrats demanded these same records of McCain and Tom delay which they turned over without fuss or fanfare. True or false? Back up your answer with fact. (The answer is those situations happened. Those are examples of how elected leaders behave when citizenship records are demanded. They don't spend ONE MILLION DOLLARS - also public record since he's using democratic funds - to keep anyone from seeing them)

The only rule of this game: the responses to the questions comprised of, “Nobody cares”, “He already showed his citizenship documents” (wrong, and nobody pays lawyers to fight something in court they have already conceded) and “He’s already the President, get over it” or the same don’t count as real answers


Obama has (must have) a passport issued by a country other than the U.S. Long before he was President, Obama traveled to Pakistan during a period when travel to Pakistan was banned by the U.S. State Department. This is 100%, date and history cross-indexed unambiguous public-record fact. So what country does his passport say he’s from? We don’t know because he won’t allow his lawyers to disclose it.

It’s possible that Obama obtained college admittance and scholarships based on representing himself as a foreign student. This is the only plausible explanation (given the other evidence) as to why he is the only U.S. president to take legal action to hide all of his college records from scrutiny (not only birth but COLLEGE records, as well).

On a side note, Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) must have committed perjury when he signed his Illinois Bar application, which claimed that he had never used any name other than Barack Obama, even though he went by several different names, including Barry Soetoro. Fact. There is no way around this one.

Tell everyone you know that this is a real issue and explain why.

What is Obama sending his lawyers out to keep hidden? It's time we all asked together in a very loud voice.

1. Extending coverage to 30 million more people without hundreds of thousands of additional doctors – willing to work for less as the bill mandates - to handle them will result in severe rationing, which in turn will force less frequent advance screenings which will increase the mortality rate dramatically to the European standard, which has on average a 16% higher cancer death rate than the US. Emergency room extending to 24 hours are not uncommon in Canada
2. This will possibly bankrupt our nation already in a severe recession, because it demands so much liquid capital that doesn’t exist, even with increased taxes. This will result in printing more money, so we'll have inflation on top of a recession, which has always led to catastrophic economic downturns.

3. As the American people turn against this, Obama's poll numbers are in freefall. His determination to push this through demonstrates that he is not a President who governs according to the will of the people. Such politicians are generally known in the vernacular as “tyrants” when they push hard enough. Obama is getting very close.

4. There is nothing in Obama's past that makes us think he knows what he is doing and we should trust him. In fact, the reverse is true: he was a junior senator whose constitutional qualification to serve is still in doubt because every time someone sues him for his birth records, he sends his lawyers out not to disclose the documents, but to fight disclosure. That's insane. Nobody does that.

From Rev Wright to self-proclaimed communist terrorist Bill Ayres (and his wife who was a convicted terrorist and spent time in prison) to a whole host of others, his background is one of a person who has an extremely unsettling past and nothing in his history to balance it, save for two self-serving autobiographies that he wrote as glorious homage to himself but still refuses to turn over his citizen documents the way McCain and Tom Delay did when democrats demanded such things of THEM.

We're going down a very bad road, and if it continues, generations will look back and say "those were the days when America was ruined for all time”.

DON'T TREAD ON ME! ....Hey Who Took My Duct Tape
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PostSubject: Re: Health Care Vote   

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Health Care Vote
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